Meet the Chef

Hi, I'm Chef Doug McNish! I am world class Executive Vegan Chef - Entrepreneur - Consultant - Author - Educator - Activist and Father
I am driven to create beautiful and delicious vegan cuisine, in my attempt to challenge mainstream thought on diet and ethics. Everything I craft carries with it your guarantee that I am supporting vegan ingredients and business practices that help to make our world a better place to live.  I am grateful to be given regular appearances on television, online, and in print, as well as to consult on and collaborate with emerging and successful brands. 
After writing four cookbooks in 7 years, I have over one thousand vegan recipes in circulation. My first book “Eat Raw, Eat Well, 400 Raw, Vegan, and Gluten Free Recipes” received the award for “Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World, 2012” by the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards held in Paris, France.  3 years later my third book “Vegan Everyday” was awarded the gourmand award once again for best Vegan Cookbook in the world. In November of 2017 I was awarded with the Now Readers’ Choice Award in my home town of Toronto Ontario, as Best Chef in the City, putting me in the same league of some of this country’s best.  My fourth cookbook; The Classics Veganized was published in the Fall of 2020, and was awarded Best Vegan Cookbook in the World once again in June of 2021! 
To see more of my current projects, passion and career, please visit 
I look forward to my work and veganizing your life daily!